It's In the Genes

Ever since I can remember, my fondest memories have been of my mother creating stunning works of art with her own two hands. She painted beautiful water colors, knitted cozy blankets, and hooked plush wool rugs. She even sewed the latest fashions for me (anyone remember bubble pants?). As I got older, I lamented over the gene that completely passed me by. She tried to teach me her talents but the result was fruitless...until one day she brought me to a jewelry class. I instantly fell in love with the way my hands could create a miniature piece of wearable art. The gene hadn't passed me by at all! It simply manifested itself in another medium. My mom, of course, was thrilled I found this passion and we still talk about someday opening "our boutique". We may not have "our boutique" yet, but here is "Arbotique" (a play off of my maiden name-Arbogast).

I may never grace walls with my artwork, or cover the floor with masterpieces but I will forever adorn the necks and ears of loved ones. I put an immense amount of love and just a little piece of me into every piece of jewelry that I make. I suppose that is why when one is chosen as a gift, it almost feels like my baby is leaving the nest. Well, it's time for them to fly! I hope you love my pieces as much as I love making them.

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